The robots are produced in the first humanoid robot factory of the world, AKINROBOTICS specialized in mass production, and are designed through AKINROBOTICS's own capital and the R&D studies of its engineers. These robots are crafted with the goal of 100% domestic production. AKINROBOTICS, aiming to serve humanity and science, strives to enhance the quality of human social life by assigning monotonous tasks that are ergonomically incompatible and pose a risk to life, to robots. This allows humans the opportunity to work in jobs with more quality.


Humanoid Robots our studies which began in 2009, continue to be inspired by biomimetics. We are concurrently conducting humanoid robot research in sync with ongoing studies worldwide.

Agricultural Robots the ongoing R&D activities for the first robotic system designed and produced in 2011, PNCR-1, have successfully finalized. The R&D activities for our robots, designed and produced to minimize human labor and maximize efficiency in agriculture, continue.

Social Robots we initiated studies on the social robots in 2014, and continue to produce and develop. They can provide services in various sectors such as education, transportation, tourism, healthcare, food, entertainment, and more.

Quadruped Robots we began working on the quadruped robot ARAT in 2018, designed as an off-road robot, and our efforts are ongoing to make it adaptable to challenging terrains.

Industrial Robots The Robot Arm project, which we started in 2019 through R&D, aims to minimize human labor, reduce error rates, and increase production quantity to higher levels.

Service Robots we commenced the development of UV-C Sterilization Robots and Service Robots in 2020. This project stand as some of our most significant projects, bringing unmanned labor into action.

Industry 4.0 we have started and produced an order preparation automation in this context and it enables fast and efficient production. While the production processes are running, all errors, malfunctions, and disruptions can be identified and addressed. Productivity rates increase, quality-focused productions take place, and human errors are eliminated.

In addition to these efforts, we provide sponsorship services to all educational institutions under the scope of ''Support to Education'' with the motors, circuits, and development boards we have produced for our robots.

As we make history with the name AKINROBOTICS in the race of technology, We exist to preserve the indispensability of robots equipped with artificial intelligence, an inevitable reality in our lives, and to offer the best of the best to humanity. ''Crowning values is our reason to exist.''