AKINSOFT, a 100% domestic software company, has been serving its customers for 28 years with its modern and intelligent solutions, targeting almost all sectors." We enable businesses to streamline all their processes under a single system with our products grouped under ERP Solutions, Accounting Programs, Sectoral Programs, E-Commerce Solutions, E-Solutions, and Cloud-based program categories.

The Fields We Provide Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) WOLVOX ERP is used to manage the daily operational activities of your business, such as procurement, financial management, project planning, and supply chain, while its modular structure helps in planning, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting financial processes to guide and report on transaction outcomes.

Our accounting solutions enable you to seamlessly track your pre-accounting and general accounting processes. Additionally, our specialized solutions for tax consultants allow you to efficiently organize taxpayer registration and reporting procedures in a practical manner. With our pre-accounting program, you can enter customers, inventory, check-voucher transactions, bank accounts, etc., and access detailed reports at any time. You can create a chart of accounts, opening, collection, payment, offset, and closing entries in your business. Moreover, you can report account statuses, trial balances, and balance sheet entries.

Our sectoral solutions including WOLVOX Restaurant, Barcode Sales, and Hotel Management, as well as other software solutions developed for sectors such as Site Management, Hairdressing, Service Management, Field Sales, Fuel, Real Estate, Education, Health, Driver Courses, Parking, Vehicle Sales, Rental Industry, and Internet cafes, help you find fast and practical solutions in the areas you need.

Our E-Commerce Solutions are for individuals and companies looking to increase their customer base through online sales, enabling you to use a professional e-commerce website. Our Virtual Store Integration is a program we have developed specifically for businesses that want to send products to virtual markets without operating an e-commerce site.

With our e-Transformation Solutions, complete your e-Transformation process with the assurance of AKINSOFT. E-Transformation had been limited to large businesses, but now encompasses small businesses as well, representing a comprehensive transformation process. By obtaining e-Invoice, e-Archive Invoice, e Waybill, e-Ledger, e-Producer, and e-Reconciliation services under the assurance of AKINSOFT, you can achieve savings in paper, labor, and time, and boost your business processes.

Our Cloud Solutions are software developed to provide access to your accounts from any location with internet access and through all devices whenever you need it. You can quickly create work plans with TaskPano, manage pre-accounting with OctoCloud, handle site management with SiteCloud, supervise branches and track daily material and product management with MyFranchise, view the menu by scanning qr codes with our QR Menu online menu system, enable online reservation tracking with ProCoiffeur, receive online food orders through your website with MyRezzta, easily track personnel processes with Online HR, connect remotely to WOLVOX ERP and enter data with WebConnect, answer your visitors' questions on your website with LimonDesk, and easily track reconciliation processes with e-Reconciliation. These software solutions can help reduce your workload and provide your business with the solutions it needs.